This Frequently Asked Questions section is dedicated to providing you with useful information about our services.


Anyone looking to cancel or amend a booking with Alpha Cars should contact the company as soon as possible.

Do you offer business account facilities?

Yes. Alpha Cars aims to support businesses of many types and if you would like to learn more about the business account services offered by Alpha Cars, please get in touch. Our business account services offer priority booking and credit facilities, amongst a range of additional benefits and features, so please contact us if you want to ensure your business enjoys the best transport options.

What is the cost of my trip?

Alpha Cars prices are based on the type of vehicle requested, journey length and time of day. We can offer you a quote for your trip and this is the price that you pay. We offer a range of set fees for certain airport transfers, which can be found on site, and if you are looking to price any individual journey, please contact us by phone or online.

Do you accommodate Wheelchairs?

With an extensive fleet of vehicles, including many larger and specialist vehicles, Alpha Cars is able to accommodate wheelchairs. If you require wheelchair access, please inform us of this at the point of booking and we will ensure that you receive an appropriate vehicle for your journey.

Do you deliver packages?

Alpha Cars is able to deliver packages and we can provide courier services, on a one-off basis or on a regular basis, as per your needs. Please contact us online or over the phone to discuss your needs in greater details. [Note] Alpha Cars does not do hot food deliveries.

I live outside your local area, will you take me home?

Yes. Alpha Cars, we aim to provide the best standard of service and if you live outside our local area, we will be happy to quote and assist you with your journey.

What happens if I can't get through by phone?

Our phone line is operational 24 hours a day, however we also offer online bookings, so please feel free to utilise our easy online booking system to get in touch with us and book your next journey with Alpha Cars